Difficulty Reading? Behavior Issues? An Undiagnosed Vision Problem May Be The Cause.
One out of every four children struggle with learning and reading because of an undiagnosed vision problem. Therefore it is important to know the signs of a potential vision problem that can interfere with a child’s ability to learn and read.

Vision screenings in school and at the pediatrician’s office usually only test distance visual acuity. Most people think that 20/20 is “perfect vision” when in fact 20/20 is simply a measurement of what someone is able to see at a distance of 20 feet. Most of our learning takes place at a near distance, primarily through reading, which is definitely not at 20 feet. These screenings can lead parents to believe incorrectly that nothing is wrong.

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According to the National PTA, “It is estimated that more than ten million children suffer from vision problems” that may cause them to fail in school.”

There are more than 15 visual skills needed for reading and learning. These include the ability to point the eyes together, to focus the eyes, and to move them across the page together. If any of these visual skills are not working properly, it can make reading and learning an unnecessary challenge.

Children may develop behavior problems or avoid reading all together. These problems can also be easily mistaken as learning disabilities or attention problems such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). The good news is that the majority of vision problems that interfere with reading and learning are very treatable.

Use our Vision Self Test to determine if your child has the signs of visual performance issues. Then call our office to schedule an appointment.