Stephen and his loyal dog left his house around 4:00 p.m. one fateful day. Luckily, his wife came home at nearly quarter to five to find him unconscious at the end of the driveway, sprawled out on a sheet of ice. Every day, post-accident, Stephen would suffer from severe and debilitating headaches that kept him out of work for nearly four months. He spent his days resting, feeling too sick to watch television and couldn’t even think of using a computer or a cell phone. Sometimes, he would even be too tired or frustrated to carry on a conversation.

Three months after Stephen’s fall, he began vision therapy. Stephen’s diligence, commitment and positive attitude was vital to the success of his five units of vision therapy. Although Stephen occasionally still struggles to recall certain words and to remember people’s names, he has a new lease on life.

My daughter worked at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center in Westbrook and a physical therapist there named Leslie recommended Dr. Semenza for eye therapy. My primary doctor did not want me to do this type of therapy, and instead, kept insisting that I go to Gaylord. My wife and I agreed that the eye therapy seemed like a better fit and also the distance was not so far. The drive to Wallingford would have been too difficult for our schedules since I was not operating a vehicle for some time after the accident. I was not skeptical at all. I had a pretty open mind about this therapy. I was willing to try as my main goal was to relieve the daily headaches. The scariest part for me was coming to the realization of the issues that arise from a brain injury and how lucky I was compared to some people.

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