How a serious concussion was healed with Vision Therapy!

Emma, a nineteen year old college student at the University of Delaware came to us this past June at the urging of her coach. She had suffered from a severe concussion while at rowing practice. Looking at Emma, you’d see a typical young woman back from school break— long wavy hair, athletic build, funky painted nails, oh so cool jewelry, and a big smile, under her mask, of course! But what most people couldn’t see was that Emma was suffering from brutal headaches, back and neck pain, the inability to retain information, and dizziness. Emma could not handle visual demands or intense movement. How would she cope with school work and getting back to her rowing team come Fall?

The Sports Medicine Team at the University of Delaware, along with her eye doctor here in Connecticut, recommended Vision Therapy. Along with her part time job at a garden nursery, Emma came to our office twice a week without fail. She was determined to feel better and get back on the water with her teammates! We treated convergence insufficiency and oculomotor dysfunction over the course of the summer.

We are happy to report that Emma headed back to the University with both eyes tracking together! Not only is her visual acuity 20/20, but her focusing speed and accuracy, along with depth perception, were found to be perfectly normal and age appropriate. We look forward to catching up with Emma when she comes in for a follow-up over Christmas break!

If you, yourself, or someone you care about has suffered from a head injury in the past, please encourage them to pursue a Vision Therapy program. Dr. Semenza and her team of therapists thrive on getting folks back to living their best, most active lives!

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** Meet Rachael!

Rachael joined the Semenza Behavioral Optometry team in June 2021. She graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University, earning her bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. Rachael is a wife and a mother of two teenagers. She enjoys helping others, solving complex puzzles, reading, and is an avid backpacker.

Wishing all of our patients, friends, and families a Happy Thanksgiving!

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