As an adult, square in mid-life, Denise was having convergence and reading problems. Her doctor referred her to Semenza Behavioral Therapy for evaluation and treatment. After a comprehensive vision examination, a new prescription for lenses was recommended as well as thirty vision therapy sessions.

Denise Tells Her Story: Before vision therapy I was having problems with reading, comprehension, concentration, and memory issues. I was labeled with ADHD. Vision therapy has changed my life dramatically. I am reading better and remembering what I’ve read. I’m able to concentrate and stay focused on tasks, as well as focusing on conversations. I’ve gone back to school to become a Cantor. After “graduating” from vision therapy, I am able to focus, follow, read and learn the music needed to complete the course of study, something I had been unable to do in my 20’s and even 30’s. I am able to read books and retain what I’ve read, something I could never do before vision therapy. I hope that anyone struggling to read, comprehend, or is just sliding through school, gives vision therapy a chance.

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