Stella arrived at Semenza Behavioral Optometry when she was in third grade and was having difficulty in school. Her mom cited problems with Stella’s ability to keep focused on what she was reading and her tendency to knock things over. A comprehensive vision examination revealed convergence insufficiency, weakness with depth perception and eye focusing.

The first step in Stella’s treatment was a new and different prescription for eyeglasses, followed by 30 sessions of vision therapy and classroom accommodation recommendations. With the use of flipper lenses, red/green filters and prisms, Stella’s reading skills and confidence improved dramatically.


Stella’s Mom Tells Her Story: Before vision therapy Stella was having problems with focusing and schoolwork. Getting Stella to sit down and work on reading or schoolwork was a nightmare! Stella was having difficulty reading and losing her place to a point of frustration. She was also having a tough time focusing her eyes. She was often burnt out and exhausted after a long day at school. Vision therapy helped Stella learn how to focus and keep her place while reading. It also helped our clumsy girl not be so clumsy! Before vision therapy she was constantly dropping things or knocking them over. The therapists here welcomed Stella with such enthusiasm each time, that our quiet, timid girl instantly became comfortable and felt at ease. Going to vision therapy helped Stella gain confidence. She now has the stamina to complete what is asked of her both in and out of school without the headaches!

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