At age 75, Sandra was referred to Semenza Behavioral Optometry by another doctor for evaluation and treatment of ongoing balance issues. Sandra was given a comprehensive examination, including testing for near and distance sight, convergence and eye tracking, which revealed the need for a new and different prescription for eyeglasses.

A forty-session vision therapy treatment program was also recommended to retrain Sandra’s eyes and improve her overall vision and mobility. Using a variety of tools and optometric equipment like therapeutic lenses, prisms, filters, patches, electronic targets, balance boards, balance beams and rebounders, we helped train Sandra’s eyes to work as a team, and helped Sandra develop better balance skills and more confidence.


Sandra Tells Her Story

Before vision therapy I was having problems with my balance. A big problem! My doctor recommended Dr. Christine Semenza and  I am more than thankful. I came every week to have Dana work with me. With encouragement, I forged ahead. The therapy was all very interesting. I saw improvement as I went along. I learned that my eyes had been a challenge for me for many years. I lived with so many problems on a daily basis. First my balance was completely restored in about 4 months. What a relief! When I went through school, my master’s degree, I had a very hard time reading for a long period of time- eyes blurred, strained to stay focused, headaches and not being able to follow from the end of a line back to the next line. My reading comprehension was nil. When reaching for things I knocked things over or did not make contact trying to connect two things. I drove a school bus for 13 years. I was exhausted after three hours of driving. On a trip I was exhausted after an hour of driving my car. All of these challenges have been corrected through my therapy. Whenever I was discouraged, I was always assured me that I was making progress. It was true! I thank Dr. Semenza and the entire staff for the wonderful work plus the evaluations.

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