Comprehensive Vision Exams For Infants, Children And Adults

The examination is conducted by the doctor and is one hour in length. Visual health and the need for glasses is assessed, as well as important binocular and focusing skills and eye tracking. We are handicap accessible and are experienced in evaluating patients with special needs.

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Developmental Visual-Motor Evaluations
A more in-depth vision examination is offered to those concerned about their own or their child’s visual performance. It is two hours in length and includes the skills assessed in the one hour examination as well as visual-motor integration, balance, laterality and directionality, and auditory-integration skills.

Based on the vision examination findings, an individualized program will be developed which may include glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy (eye exercises), or a combination of these. Please note that our office does not dispense eye glasses.

First Visit Questionnaires/Forms
If you are planning on coming in for your first office visit, please download the appropriate questionnaire below, print it out, fill it in and bring it with you: